Barbara Van Duyne - Certified Hypnotist
Weight Reduction
Hello Barbara, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was hypnotized by you in Feb this year for weight loss. I am currently down 65 lbs., am off my meds for blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol and have unbelievable energy. I started an exercise program and am feeling GREAT!!! Thank you so much for your program. I don’t know what you did to me, but it was exactly the push I needed to get control of my life. So many people have asked me about your program and I keep giving out the Morristown Memorial information. I wanted to share before and after pictures with you. These were taken 14 months apart. I’m still looking to lose 40 lbs. more. Even my Doctor is overwhelmed with my results and is recommending the program to other patients based on what she sees me doing. I am making changes in peoples lives thanks to you. I wanted you to know that your work is not for naught!!! I hope all of these people come to the program. I can’t thank you enough. Maybe I’ll come to one more session just for fun!  I do believe in feedback… so thanks again.
RK - Madison, NJ

"Just wanted to thank you again for your remarkable program. After one session I went from 125+ to 109 without even trying. So great to see the old me looking back from the mirror! I am telling everyone at the college about the sessions.  Again, you're the best!"
BI - Bloomfield, NJ 
"In 4 months – lost 33 lbs.  4 lbs. from my goal weight and I don’t feel like I’m dieting.  All bad habits are gone!"
AT - Caldwell, NJ 
Lost 39 lbs"
PM - Randolph, NJ
"Lost 50 lbs.  Thank you for the reinforcement."
KB - Sparta, NJ
"Excellent.  12 lbs so far.  Eating healthier and walking more has become a way of life now."
AU - Upper Saddle River
"Wonderful results.  No deprivation, turn down junk food without thinking about it.  I no longer obsess over food.  I actually need to remind myself to eat."
AS - Morristown, NJ

Stop Smoking
"As much as I wanted to quit, I truly believe if I hadn’t attended this program I may be smoking now.  The CD got me through.  9 months clean!"
KB - Ridgewood, NJ
"Excellent Program.  Would recommend it for everyone who smokes,"
MR - Montclair, NJ
"Have not smoked in 5 months!"
MM - Stanhope, NJ
Dear Barbara:
Just wanted to let you know that I am in Day "32" of not smoking and for the first time in many attempts to quit I do not have the urge.  Your "CD" is indeed very beneficial.  I would highly recommend your program to others, which I have already done to some of my friends
Thanks again for a great seminar.
WT - Fair Lawn, NJ

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