Barbara Van Duyne - Certified Hypnotist

Stop Smoking in ONE SESSION
With Hypnosis!
If you have a sincere desire to quit...make a clean break with cigarettes.  Discover the extraordinarily good things that will happen when you
No scare tactics or gloomy statistics 
         Focus on the pleasure and increased self esteem you can attain as a non-smoker....
Without Withdrawal Symptoms
Without Gaining Weight
Using effective hypnotic suggestions and proven behavior modification techniques...
You Can Be A Non-Smoker!
Because you are in control of your decision to stop smoking, this positive change can be interesting and surprisingly easy!
The group session consists of ONE two-hour session combined with a FREE 30-day reinforcement CD and behavior modification materials.  Further reinforcement is available
on a monthly basis at no additional cost for one full year. 
The first hour of the program is dedicated to understanding the obstacles of change...habits, stress, pleasure, fear and fundamental personal beliefs.  The second hour is devoted to overcoming these obstacles through the use of hypnotic suggestion to access internal strengths and motivation.
After Your Last Puff
  • 20 Minutes     Blood pressure returns to normal
  • 8 Hours          Carbon Monoxide level in blood returns to normal

  • 1 Day              Risk of heart attack is reduced
  • 2 Days            Sense of taste and smell improve
  • 1 Week           Nicotine is GONE from your body
  • 1 Month          Ability to breath and have more energy

  • 3 Months         Circulation improves
  • 6 Months         Lung capacity increases
  • 1 Year             Risk of heart disease is the same as non- smoker
  • 5 Years           Risk of cancer is the same as a non-smoker

Best of All.....
You are Free of the physical, emotional and financial pain of smoking
Your Self-Esteem Will Soar!

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