Barbara Van Duyne - Certified Hypnotist
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High performance and success ultimately depends on your state of mind and that is where hypnosis is tremendously helpful.  Hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958.
What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is not falling asleep.  Hypnosis helps you to focus your mind.  It’s an altered state of consciousness in which your attention is narrowed and focused. When we are concentrating and focused we are able to use most of our potential, more of the power of our own mind.  And hypnosis is one of the purist ways of achieving that mental concentration.  People that use hypnosis find that it can break unhealthy habits like smoking or snacking, relieve stress or pain, reduce anxiety, control emotional experiences and improve athletic performance.
What is an “Altered State of Consciousness”? 
An altered state of consciousness means that you are so focused on what you are doing you can block out other distractions.  An example of being in this state of mind is when everything flows and comes together.  When you are involved in an activity or do things to perfection with little or no thought. For example, have you ever been driving somewhere and you are so deep in thought that you miss an exit, or you stop at a traffic light and can’t remember how you got there? You just accomplish things smoothly and naturally and you were in spontaneous hypnosis.
Is Hypnosis “Mind Control”?
There are many misconceptions about hypnosis.  People think that if they were to be hypnotized they might be forced to do something embarrassing or do something against their will.  When a person is in a hypnotic state, they cannot be forced to do anything against their moral beliefs.  They are not giving up their mind to anyone.  What happens is that you are increasing the power of your own mind because you are in control.  The mind is the most amazing and available source of untapped power that we have.  A hypnotized person is not giving up control because all hypnosis is self hypnosis.  What that means is that hypnosis is not something someone else does to you, it is something that someone else can guide you through.  The hypnotist is only facilitating or guiding you toward a deep, deep state of concentration.  The more a person wants to be hypnotized, the deeper they will go into hypnosis.
What is a “Trance State”?
To some people, the word “trance” is a red flag.  They are afraid there is some danger of going into a trance. In fact, people do not lose consciousness when they are hypnotized.  However, there is a small percentage of people who do enter a very deep level of hypnosis called somnambulism…or spontaneous amnesia.  This means having the capacity to automatically forget.  Much like in a dream state.  You might have had dreams, but you wake up and cannot recall the details of the dreams.  The majority of people remember everything that occurs in hypnosis.  Even if a person was not asked to wake up or reorient when they were in hypnosis, this would occur automatically after a short period of time.
What About The Silly Things People Do In Nightclubs? 
Stage performers ask for volunteers and the people that are selected are people that seem very suggestible, even exhibitionistic to the hypnotist.  You will notice that the Stage Hypnotist will dismiss some people.  Other volunteers are asked to remain on stage.  A very talented hypnotist gives those people who remain an excuse to be outrageous without taking responsibility for it.
Can Everyone Be Hypnotized?
Another myth is that only some people can be hypnotized.  Everyone with normal intelligence has the ability to enter an altered state of consciousness.  We have all experienced a hypnotic trance.  Your conscious mind is so absorbed in thought that your subconscious mind takes over.  We know from research about brain waves, the amount of electrical currents in the brain.  There are four distinctly different patterns from a state of full alertness to sleep.  In between there are alpha waves, like daydreaming and theta waves, the feeling you have just before you drift to sleep.  A very deep sense of relaxation.  You are not asleep, but your conscious mind, your logic, your thoughts are quiet allowing your mind and body to cooperate and collaborate.
How Does The Group Program Work?
The program only takes two hours of your time. The first hour is dedicated to understanding the reasons you smoke or overeat and identifying why you want to change.  Using self hypnosis, the second hour is devoted to learning how to easily overcome self defeating obstacles that often undermine your conscious desire to quit smoking or lose weight.  Even though there are others around you, your immediate surroundings will fade and others will not affect your concentration.
Using the power of positive imagery and hypnosis, you can discover how to reach your subconscious mind and effectively communicate new ideas that will enhance motivation and change.
You can make positive changes quickly and confidently.  Overcome subconscious barriers that get in the way of your conscious desire to succeed.  These changes can be interesting and surprisingly easy!
This dynamic two hour session is reinforced with a FREE 30-day reinforcement CD and monthly support for one year at no cost to you..
How Does The Private Session Work?
A private session takes only one hour and addresses the individual needs of the client.  This program also includes a 30-day reinforcement CD to stop smoking or reduce weight together with the opportunity for further reinforcement at any of the hospital group programs.  Other issues are dealt with on an individual basis.
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