Barbara Van Duyne - Certified Hypnotist

Barbara Van Duyne is devoted to providing behavior modification techniques and hypnosis to break unproductive habits. She specializes in Weight Reduction and Smoking Cessation where hypnosis is proven to be very successful.  Other areas of expertise include stress reduction, anxiety, fears and phobias, as well as various other issues.  Contact Barbara to discuss your personal needs.  

Hospitals and corporations throughout North Jersey work with Barbara and offer convenient, low cost group programs.  Results are comparable or better than traditional methods.   

The first hour of the group session is dedicated to understanding the obstacles of change...habits, stress, pleasure, fear and fundamental personal beliefs. 

The second hour is devoted to overcoming these obstacles using the powerful technique of hypnosis.   

Each dynamic TWO HOUR group session includes a FREE  30-day reinforcement CD and FREE monthly reinforcement for one year!   

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